To transfer money from your Cubits account:

  1. From your desktop, select the Balance tab. 

  2. Under Cash Account Balance, click Transfer.

  3. Under How much would you like to transfer?, enter the amount you wish to transfer.

  4. Under Where would you like to transfer?, select a bank account from the list. If you don’t have a bank account associated with your Cubits account, follow these steps to add one. Learn more about fees and disclosures.

  5. Click Transfer Funds.

For your transfer (withdrawal) to be processed successfully, you must:

  • Ensure the name on your bank account matches exactly the name on your Cubits account. Corporate or institutional bank accounts are not supported unless you have completed Cubits corporate onboarding process.

Note: In case you send funds to a third-party bank account, additional handling fees may incur and your transfer will be rejected.