You can request to permanently delete your Cubits account at any time or for any reason.

What happens when my account is deleted?

  • You will not be able to access your Cubits Cash Account and Cubits Wallet.

  • You will not receive any further communication or marketing emails from Cubits, CubitsPay, CubitsTrade, or StrongKeep.

Will my transaction history be deleted?

When you delete your Cubits account, we make our best effort to delete all personal data associated with your account. However, we are legally required to retain past transaction information and any data affiliated with it for a period of five years. This period begins from the date of your last transaction. If you didn't make any transactions on and request to delete your account, any personal data associated with your account will be deleted immediately.

Note: A single cancelled transaction counts as a record in your transaction history.

Is there any circumstance in which Cubits may refuse to process a deletion request?

Cubits may refuse to delete your account in the event that your account is disabled, is the subject of a court order, police, or other investigation, or has been associated with any fraudulent or suspicious or criminal activity. We may not be able to inform you of this due to hindering police or other investigation. We may also refuse to delete your account in the event that we suspect you have breached the terms and conditions of use.

Before deleting your account:

  • Withdraw funds from your Cubits Cash Account.

  • Withdraw crypto assets from your Cubits Wallet. 

Note: You will need to have a zero Cubits Cash Account balance and less than or equal to 0.003 Cubits Wallet balance before your Cubits account can be deleted.

How do I send a deletion request?

  1. Send us a deletion request using this form.

  2. Submit the email address associated with your Cubits account.

  3. Under Products and Services, select Cubits Wallet & Exchange from the menu.

  4. Under Topic, select Data and Privacy.

  5. Under Details, select I want to delete my account.

  6. To help us improve our services, you may select a reason for your request.

  7. Click + Attach a file to submit an ID confirmation photo. This step is necessary to verify your identity as the account owner. Learn more about the ID confirmation photo here.

  8. Click Submit

Account deletion is permanent.


If you are not planning to use your account for now but may consider returning to it in the future, we recommend temporary deactivation instead of deletion. Once your account is deleted you will not be able to reactivate it.